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For the love of Tech #1

The first of our (ir)regular looks at new (and not so new) interesting technology. Anything that uses technology in a cool way, either from a technical perspective, design angle or to solve a problem in a interesting way will get posted here.

Privacy Curtain

A "smart" curtain that tracks passers-by using computer vision and object recognition and some simple electronics to obscure the window. Yes it's silly, but it's also a cool home-brewed project that, whether intended or not, engages the public really well.

More details on Niklas Roy's blog.

Hardcore Raspberry Pi

The humble Raspberry Pi is a cheap, easily accessible and very popular single board computer about the size of a credit card. We use them for loads of different tasks from media servers to automating app builds. It can be used in far too many ways than this humble post could contain, but in these weird borderline apocoalyptic times we really like the approach taken with these ruggedised integrated cases.

Rugged Rapsberry Pi

May be future tech if things carry on like they are! Check out the Off-Grid Cyberdeck! The Raspberry Pi Recovery Kit

Wearable wand

Augmented Realty (AR) is huge and will continue to change and evolve itself and our lives into the future. But one limitation is how you phyiscally interact with a digital object. Step forward the LITHO - a simple pointing device that connects to your phone or computer via bluetooth, giving you the ability to control and interact with objects in AR or VR.


Check out their website for more details: LITHO

Project Glasswing

Project Glasswing a product from Adobe that should provide content creators and designers with the ability to generate quick and easy, yet immersive, AR experiences using overlays on physical objects. In this example we see how a set of trainers can be augmented. Could be fun, could be a fad, time will tell.

Find out more on Adobe's blog.

Interactive Pedestrian Crossing

As everything seems to be getting smarter, could the unassuming pedestrian crossing be the next thing that gets a makeover? Whilst just a concept, and potentially a very expensive one at that, we love how the Starling Crossing seamlessly joins with the existing real world infrastucture and enhnaces it.

Find out more on Umbrellium's website.

Live camera AR

We feel AR is a future tech that has yet to reach it's greatest potential. This stunning example of how AR can enhance a viewing experience is taken from Santan Dave's performance of Black at the 2020 BRITs. It shows what's possible when commercial grade TV equipment is mashed together with real-time 3D and AR tech to ceate something new and vibrant.

Until next time. Yipikiyay!

by Rob Mason.