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For the love of Games #3

The next of our (ir)regular looks at new (and not so new) games we've discovered or are playing.

FTL and Sony take over tube signs

Tube signs as PS5 buttons

To mark the launch of the PS5 console, Sony partnered with TFL to change tube signs to PS5 buttons. Lovely physical marketing activity to support a console launch.

Sega VR brought back to life

Sega VR

The never released Sega VR headset was ahead of its time in 1993, but sadly didn't make it to market likely because of nausea inducing visuals in gamers! But this article is part history essay and part tech deep-dive into bringing the same experience to life via the modern HTC Vive Cosmos headset. It's an project that shouldn't be underestimated either as so much has evolved with modern computing since then, not least of which is the code is mainly 16bit command line compiled executables running at 15Hz, in a age of 64bit operating systems and headset running at 60 Hz.

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by Rob Mason.