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For the love of Games #1

The first of our (ir)regular looks at new (and not so new) games we've discovered or are playing.


A cyberpunk stylee delivery game very reminisent of the Syndicate and Cyberpunk series of games, but with it's own style. At it's core the environment is created using voxels, a combination of the word volume and pixel, which is a departure from the usual way of design games using polygons which are only skin deep as the have no physical volume. Voxels have a phyiscal volume and so can be programmed to behave as such, like when they are destroyed.

More details on Steam.


An interesting take on mobile gaming, Fancade lets you create games in a game, but then also play other people's creations. Very cool.

We're also a fan of Martin Magni's previous work in the form of Mekorama which we loved as it's so chocked full of charatcer and whimsey yet a fiendishly tricky puzzler. Anyway, check out the offical Fancade site.

Papercraft Computers

Yes we're digital guys, but we also love something physical and Papercraft models of our favourite childhood computers hit the spot nicely.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Download, print and build.

Sea of Thieves

We've played Sea of Thieves as a team for a number of years and the game just gets better and better. At it's core it's a PvP game pitting crews of different sized ships against each other in arena style combat and on the open seas, or against the environment or AI enemies in an open word adventure.


Rare have done an amazing job fleshing the game world out and creating new content over the last 2 years and it's still our go to game for team play. See more at the official SoT website.

Among Us

This has the recipe for disaster and knowing the people we play with often, sure fire chaos. Aming Us has each player using their device, eiethr in the same room or remotely, getting the collective team's spaceship ready for take-off. All the while however there are impostere hell-bent on wrecking your plans.

It's a great little game concept that we love. Check it out on Steam

Until next time. Yipikiyay!

by Rob Mason.