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We do interactives

The interactives we produce range from smaller scale one screen experiences to engaging full room connected experiences. We thrive on solving the technical challenges involved in making a user come away from the interactive excited, engaged and wondering how it worked. (The answer is always just “magic”).

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Collaborative experience tables

Responsive walkthrough projections

VR & mobile device integration

Projection mapped touch surfaces

Interactive data screens

Projection mapped interactives

Project: Emaar, AR table & app

We do games

We're gamers at heart and are passionate about good games. Everything from casual mobile apps, through to large story-led epics. We can't help but craft our own games, as well as bringing the ideas of others to life handling everything from concept development to publishing.

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Exciting games for events

Frenetic VR gunslinging in a neon future

Game jams and R&D experiments

Endless VR runner set in a neo-future

Mobile games for iOS & Android

Bringing history to life in 3D

Project: Pirate game R&D

We do VR & AR

Business and consumer led AR & VR is on the rise and we adopt the latest cutting edge technology into many experiences ranging from single user art installations to multiplayer games and connected experiences.

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Digital worlds in physical spaces through AR

Corporate VR visualisations

AR for live shows & events

Game development in VR

Timelines & architecture visualisations

Exploratory data driven experiences

Project: Tesla, VR experience

We do Products

It's not just one-off projects that we work on, we have our own ideas to deliver or help others bring theirs to market too.

Our first product is Reveal which combines videos & live streams with Augmented Reality in a brand new and easy way. Reveal enhances live streams and video playback by bringing real time 3D into the users room through their phone or tablet using Augmented Reality (AR). The content of this 3D scene is synchronised to the video content of the streamer / publisher. Discover more about Reveal

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Reveal combines videos & live streams with Augmented Reality in a brand new and easy way

Project: AR Factory, client R&D

We’re creative technologists

Between the Yipikiyay team we have 30 years of experience spread across a wide variety of industries and deliverables. We're excited by technology and the opportunities it creates and geek-out over all kinds of hardware and software combinations. Read more on our blog.

Talk to us about who we are

Our name was inspired by of course one of the best christmas films of all time. It's a nod back to events that brought us together around the time of Yipikiyay's origins.

Rob Mason

Rob Mason

Rob has over 20 years of defining, delivering and managing compelling mobile, app, gaming and digital customer propositions. Rob excels as the interface between business and technical teams, and leads the software production and client management process.

Matt Murton

Matt Murton

Matt is our technology guru and an accomplished games developer. Having worked in development for over 12 years, he’s highly proficient in many technologies and ensures all our technical solutions work for the needs of all our projects.

On site setup & support

Software deployment & monitoring tools

Hardware & electronics

Screen arrays & digital walls

Project: SES Water, Pipe Mania game

Contact us

We're based on the South West of England - Cheltenham and Gloucester in Gloucestershire specifically - but work across the globe on client projects and our own work.

Much of our work is covered by NDAs and we respect our clients' wishes, which is why we don't name many clients or projects here. However get in touch and we can give you a flavour for the type of projects and companies which we've worked for.

Drop us a line using the form to get in touch or just email us.

Project: National Motor Museum, Golden Arrow interactive concept