Reveal combines videos & live streams with Augmented Reality in a brand new and easy way.

Reveal - AR mobile app
Reveal - video screenshot
Combine video & Augmented Reality

Perfect for shows, events or presentations

Reveal enhances live streams and video playback by bringing real time 3D into the users room through their phone or tablet using Augmented Reality (AR). The content of this 3D scene is synchronised to the video content of the streamer / publisher.

Don't have access to streaming services or know how to stream? Worry not - Reveal works with pre-recorded videos too, so you don't even need to re-record existing content to enhance it with AR models and effects.

Augmented video experiences

Combine streamed or pre-recorded video with Augment Reality

An effective and easy way to offer customers a more engaging and immersive video or streaming experience through the power of AR.

  • Cross-platform
    iOS & Android

    Allows you to reach a bigger audience on more mobile devices using pre-existing and improving technology already sat in people’s hands.

  • Enhance existing presentations

    AR can give greater engagement with your topic and helps to visualise things through animation you can’t with a static image.

  • Live streams & uploaded videos

    You don’t need streaming setup to get started making and can re-use existing content, making it easy, quick and low cost.

  • Simple to use in any context

    Being tied in to existing platforms, such as YouTube, makes it a breeze to adopt meaning a low barrier to entry.

How does it work?

Built for simplicity & ease of use

Quick & easy to start

Attendees access the system via an app enabling them to enter an existing presentation (live or pre-recorded). A room key can be an inputted text code or detected by scanning an image / QR code.

Full presenter control

As the stream is playing, presenters access a web control portal, which allows them to change the state of the 3D in the attendees' scene - anything from animations, effects, particle or transitions.

Reveal - AR Mobile app

Zoom & pan

Attendees have simple control on the 3D scene - they are able to select a position for the intro model, which anchors to a horizontal surface; as well as rotate and scale throughout the session.

Interactive features

Attendees can have pop-ups opening or model animations triggering on screen. These interactions will happen on the atendees' device and not affect the presenter or anyone else's view.

Use cases

Where and how can I use Reveal?

Reveal can be used anywhere that can show video online. It can be used to enhance either live streamed or pre-recorded video with immersive AR content.

Corporate announcements

Imagine an announcement which would have used more traditional presentation software with non-interactive content, but replaced with augmented and interactive versions of the same or similar content.

Reveal can enhance that announcement with animated 3D content to viewers anywhere in the world. Otherwise dry business information can be brought to life for viewers, with the added context of streamed video from a presenter directing the experience.

Reveal can also work with a previously live presentation that has now been made available after the event, but still allows viewers to interact with the content and be directed by the presenter.

Learning experiences

Consider a learning experience, for example business training, education classes or museum talks - all of which can be enhanced or simply made more fun and immersive through the use of AR and interaction.

Reveal can provide a further level of motivation and engagement for an audience, making the process fun and more interesting. Younger audiences in particular are more accustomed to using content through screen touch and interaction.

Object or location tours

Consider a tour of a space containing static objects or exhibits, well Reveal can augment those items as 3D and interactive content deepening people's understanding and offering new ways of interpreting them.

Visitors can still experience spaces such as museums or galleries, but from the comfort of their own home, and still access the expertise of a curator, artist or guided tour via the video stream or recording.

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